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Our Transformation Process

  • 20 Minutes

    Our workouts are 20 minutes or less. We prescribe the minimum amount of exercise needed to produce the stimulus for change. Time and energy spent beyond this amount of exercise would only impede the recovery process, which is when your body changes. We work smarter not longer!

  • Twice a Week

    When you "inroad" your muscular system, you must allow adequate time for adaptive change to take place. Keep in mind that the time allowed to recover between workouts is when the body changes and adapts. Therefore, if you do not allow enough recovery you will interrupt the process and not receive the optimal results you desire. This allows you to spend less time exercising and more time with those you love and doing the things you truly care about!

  • Transformation ®

    Increased strength
    Decreased body fat percentage
    Increased lean muscle mass
    Sustained fat loss
    More energy
    Improved functional ability
    Cardiovascular fitness
    Increased Flexibility
    Bone loss prevention
    Increased metabolism
    Improved blood sugar tolerance
    Improved Cholesterol/HDL ratio

27th of June 2019 07:06 PM Link
❓🔥😋Do you ever eat more when you’re STRESSED OUT? So many people do- so you’re not alone. But if you do, you NEED to read this...

😨It turns out, it might be even MORE important to eat right when you’re stressed … since those “stress-eating calories” might lead to extra weight gain! 🙈🙉🙊

That’s according to a new study by Australian researchers. The scientists called their findings a potential “double whammy” effect on your weight and your health!

🧁The study found that when eating a high-calorie diet under stress can cause MORE weight gain than the same diet without the stress factor.

👉 Check this out: “Under normal conditions, the body produces insulin just after a meal, which helps cells absorb glucose from the blood and sends a 'stop eating' signal to the hypothalamus feeding center of the brain.” 🧠

🍝 “The scientists discovered that chronic stress alone raised the blood insulin levels only slightly, but in combination with a high-calorie diet, the insulin levels were 10 TIMES HIGHER than mice that were stress-free and received a normal diet.”

🍦Eventually their nerve cells became desensitized, which promoted more eating AND reduced calorie burning.

🧘What’s the takeaway? Even though more research on humans needs to be done, it’s important for your general health to do your best to keep stress at bay! We keep learning more and more about the impact of stress on our well-being.

🌲🚶♀️💆♀️Whenever possible, if you’re stressed, make time for a little light exercise, meditation, and sleep.

Plus, get some fresh air and schedule a little social time! It also helps to keep healthy, lower-calorie snacks around (like fruit and nuts) so you aren’t tempted to indulge in comfort snacks!
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26th of June 2019 03:31 PM Link
Last week Jeff was interviewed on WERE-1490! You can check it out here and learn more about Jeff and MaxStrength Fitness. ---->
If you’re interested in experiencing our unique systems as described in the radio interview firsthand please request a free initial consultation and demo work out at
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25th of June 2019 08:43 PM Link
A sweet way to gain protein for those muscles.
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20th of June 2019 08:14 PM Link
A healthier you starts here.
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19th of June 2019 02:07 PM Link
💡⚡Check out this amazing research on “power” poses! They can have an incredible effect on how you feel, the quality of your work, AND how other people see you. ⚡💡

🦸♀️High-power poses are when you stand in an open pose – tall, strong, chest open. Low-power poses are just the opposite, when you stand or sit in a “closed” posture. 🦸♀️

💪As part of a study, researchers had people get into either high- or lower-power poses, and then prepare and present a speech as part of a pretend job interview, which was videotaped.

🎤🎥They were then judged on the content of their speech as well as their presentation. And get this… the high-power pose people were MORE likely to be hired for the position!

🤩Not only did the power pose affect their presentation, but also their confidence and content of their speeches!

👍The takeaway: standing in a power pose even while you’re preparing for a high-stress situation (i.e., writing a speech you’re going to give) has a big impact not only on your mood but also on your content and performance!

Check out Amy Cuddy’s incredible Ted talk about this if you want to learn more:

Have you ever given power poses a try before? You can literally feel IMMEDIATE changes in your body! It’s pretty amazing.
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18th of June 2019 08:24 PM Link
🤩📱👀 What’s your FAVORITE App on your phone right now?
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17th of June 2019 09:13 PM Link
Stay healthy while also having time to do all the other things you love.
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16th of June 2019 09:00 AM Link
In honor of Father’s Day, I want to pay tribute to my father, Roy Tomaszewski. He’s very special to me, and words can’t do justice to the inspiration he’s been to me. That said, I’m going to try my best to share what makes him so remarkable.

Dad’s willingness to put others above himself was never more evident than when my mother passed away from cancer when I was 5. All of a sudden, my dad was a single parent raising three boys. I can’t even imagine the sorrow he endured in losing his wife. Looking back at it now, I realize that he had an abundance of courage and love. He never let us forget we were in this together.

If my dad is known for anything, it just might be his boisterous laugh. One summer, during my dad’s company picnic, my brother and I were looking for him. All we had to do was follow the laugh. If you’ve never met him, you’re missing out. It’s priceless.

Dad also taught me to never quit on something you started. I once told him that I didn’t want to go to football practice because it was hot and my other friends were going swimming. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “You made a commitment to play, and when you start something, you finish it.” That lesson has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life, and I’m truly grateful for it.

When he reflects on his parenting experience, my dad often says, “I did the best I could.” Let me say, Dad, that you did pretty damn well! I might be biased, but I hope you’d agree. I know raising three boys on your own couldn’t have been easy. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me, and I can only hope that I’ll repay you in some small way. At the very least, I can carry on your legacy by raising my three girls with the same selflessness and passion you had. The lessons I learned from you have helped me immensely in my own journey of fatherhood.

Happy Father's Day!!
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15th of June 2019 09:09 PM Link
Thanks for all of the times you've taught us to be strong, Dad.
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13th of June 2019 12:00 PM Link
⭐There is so much truth in this story…. ⭐

🏎A man was driving his small sports car through a rural area when he went off the road and into a ditch.

👨🌾🐴He went looking for someone to pull him out, and before long he came upon a farmer who was tending to his horse, which was named Buddy.

🙋♂️“Could your horse pull my car from the ditch? It’s pretty small.” the man asked.

👍The farmer agreed, and brought Buddy to the car, where he hooked him up so he could pull it from the ditch.

☝“Pull, Trixie, pull!” the farmer told the horse, who didn’t budge.

✌The farmer asked again: “Pull, Casey, pull.” And again, the horse didn’t move a muscle.

👉This time the farmer said, “Pull, Buddy, pull!” and the horse sprang to action, easily pulling the car from the ditch. 🏆

❓The grateful stranger asked the farmer why he had called the horse by three different names.

😲“Buddy is blind,” answered the farmer. “I had to make him think he had help, or else he would not have pulled.”

💡✨Are you like Buddy? Have you ever waited to tackle a project, task, or challenge until you had other people’s support or help... BEFORE you even gave it a try yourself?

🦄🏅Buddy was perfectly capable of pulling the car from the ditch all by himself, but for some reason he didn’t think he could do it.

⭐The takeaway: Next time you’re tempted to wait for support, approval, or even someone’s help (unless you absolutely need it), try anyway! You are capable of so much more than you know. 👈

🔥What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?🔥
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11th of June 2019 10:04 PM Link
The time allowed to recover between workouts is when the body changes and adapts. Not allowing enough recovery interrupts optimization.
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11th of June 2019 03:05 PM Link
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10th of June 2019 07:17 PM Link
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8th of June 2019 07:08 PM Link
All it takes is 20 minutes twice a week to completely transform your life.
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7th of June 2019 05:29 PM Link
7th of June 2019 05:26 PM Link
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7th of June 2019 05:16 PM Link
🐶🌳💪This weiner dog hasn’t skipped any workouts! #goals #allin
5th of June 2019 01:10 AM Link
15th of May 2019 02:29 PM Link
📖I read this story the other day and it struck a chord. 💡

🌳One afternoon, a fox was walking through the forest when he saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a branch above his head. 🍇

💧He was thirsty, and the sight of them made his mouth water. ‘Just the thing to quench my thirst,’ he thought. 💧

🌳He took a few steps back and made a run for it, jumping to reach the grapes – but he missed. He tried again, and they still were out of reach. 🚫

😤The fox turned up his nose and decided to give up. ‘They’re probably sour anyway,’ he told himself, and he walked away, leaving the grapes undisturbed. 🍇

😞How often do we do that to ourselves? When’s the last time you made a couple of attempts (especially at something you’ve never done before) and failed … and then gave up? 😞

And not only do we give up, but then we decide that the very thing we wanted so much just a little while ago is no longer worthy? 👸🏻

It’s a self-defense mechanism, but this thinking can become a habit, holding us back from trying new things if we think they might be too challenging.

🌟It’s OK to miss, and it’s also OK to decide that something isn’t for us, but it shouldn’t stop us from trying new things! We are only shortchanging ourselves. 🏆
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14th of May 2019 08:13 PM Link
Let's also strengthen our brains!
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How To Look and Feel 12 Years Younger In Only Minutes A Week– GUARANTEED!

Discover the #1 secret to anti-aging. Hint: It’s NOT Exercise or Nutrition, although they are vital!

Learn why if you eat according to the USDA you could vey well gain more weight and increase fatigue and joint pain.

We reveal the most important secret to your fitness success and it is the complete opposite of what you have been lead to believe by the so called “experts”.


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