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Our Transformation Process

  • 20 Minutes

    Our workouts are 20 minutes or less. We prescribe the minimum amount of exercise needed to produce the stimulus for change. Time and energy spent beyond this amount of exercise would only impede the recovery process, which is when your body changes. We work smarter not longer!

  • Twice a Week

    When you "inroad" your muscular system, you must allow adequate time for adaptive change to take place. Keep in mind that the time allowed to recover between workouts is when the body changes and adapts. Therefore, if you do not allow enough recovery you will interrupt the process and not receive the optimal results you desire. This allows you to spend less time exercising and more time with those you love and doing the things you truly care about!

  • Transformation ®

    Increased strength
    Decreased body fat percentage
    Increased lean muscle mass
    Sustained fat loss
    More energy
    Improved functional ability
    Cardiovascular fitness
    Increased Flexibility
    Bone loss prevention
    Increased metabolism
    Improved blood sugar tolerance
    Improved Cholesterol/HDL ratio

7th of January 2019 06:31 PM Link
You all know that I make a lot of videos. WELL I thought it would be fun for you to see a little bit of the outtakes that happen along the way. Let's keep it light and fun this first week of 2019! We have a lot to cover this year!

Happy 2019!


P.S. There is a fun little cameo for someone special in there. ;)
2nd of January 2019 03:58 PM Link
Who's ready to make 2019 the best year ever? I know I am! In this week's video I am sharing six steps that I personally use to make sure that I am on track and focused on what is important so that I can make the most of each day! I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best year ever!

Happy New Year!

Jeff Tomaszewski

Chief Life Transformer-MaxStrength Fitness
17th of December 2018 02:28 PM Link
In this week's video I want you to give you a little encouragement, just a little extra push if you need it. Now isn't the time to slow down. Dig a little deeper, find that hustle, and finish 2018 strong!

Be strong, eat clean, and live well,


P.S. Make sure you watch the whole clip for a surprise cameo...
11th of December 2018 01:14 PM Link
We are on the cover of Mimi Vanderhaven! Click here to check out the article. If you have been waiting to get started with us, now is the time!
10th of December 2018 02:36 PM Link
I meet and talk with a lot of people about their health and fitness and there is one thing that stands ahead of the rest as a common theme... I hear it all the time.

And frankly, it's the biggest excuse there is.

Watch this week's video to see if this is an excuse you often use, and listen to how I can spin it for you to remove the barrier and get you to where you want to be, with not only your fitness, but your life.
23rd of November 2018 10:04 PM Link
I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

If you have been with us for a while, you may have noticed that gratitude is a topic that I am truly passionate about. I am truly thankful for so much, and I think there is no measure of how much that impacts my life.

In this week's video, I am talking about being thankful and the positive benefits of it and why you should celebrate Thanksgiving all year long.
23rd of November 2018 05:00 PM Link
I know this time of year can be stressful and overwhelming so I wanted to send you the 2018 Holiday Survival Guide hot off of the presses so that you are as prepared as possible for the upcoming holiday season.

People have raved about this guide and I want you to have it so you can shed fat and stay healthy over the Holidays while everyone else is packing on the pounds! Not only that, we have included our popular holiday baking recipes book. Each recipe includes the traditional (ie: not the healthy version) and an alternate version so that you can make your favorite holiday recipe and do it guilt-free!

It just might be the most important gift you receive this holiday season 🙂

Thanks again for being part of our valued MaxStrength family of clients and I wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season!
9th of November 2018 06:57 PM Link
We are looking for someone to join our team of Life Transformers at our Westlake facility. Click below if you think it might be YOU! Or please share 😁
5th of November 2018 06:09 PM Link
When someone close to you has a problem, there is a good chance as an objective observer that you can see exactly what that person needs to do to fix it. You might even scratch your head and wonder why they just don't see the obvious solution and take control!

Why then, when it comes to treating ourselves the same way, is it so difficult to practice what we preach and follow our own advice?

It's time to throw away the phrase "Do as I say, not as I do" and start following your own inner guidance and in this week's video, I'll show you how to do it.

Be strong, eat clean, and live well,

29th of October 2018 04:31 PM Link
I wonder...

Has there been a time in your life that you have accomplished a goal, only to find yourself some time in the future to be backsliding and losing that success?

What about when that success seemed easy to you, and you feel like you don't deserve it. How did you handle it, and did you find yourself downplaying your win?

In this week's video I am sharing some insight from a recent conversation that I had with a client with some amazing value, and I think that you will all want to share in it.

Be strong, eat clean, and live well,

22nd of October 2018 05:59 PM Link
We live in a fast paced world, where it can sometimes feel like no matter how hard we work and what we accomplish, it's never enough. Often, we are quickly on to the next thing as soon as we achieve our latest goal.

I'm here to tell you, that is no way to live and ENJOY life.

This week, I want you to take the time to acknowledge some of your wins! Watch this week's video and let me know a win you have had recently, I'd love to hear it! There's a win in everyday, make sure you are celebrating them.

Be strong, eat clean, and live well,

15th of October 2018 06:02 PM Link
In this week's newsletter, we shared that even the World Renowned Cleveland Clinic agrees with our methodology of training!

Are you subscribed? Each Saturday we share a quick video or newsletter with tips and tricks to live your healthiest, and best life.

You can sign up here----->
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17th of September 2018 06:46 PM Link
In this week's video, I am talking about the things that you have done to get where you are, and the things that you can do to get where you want to go. You CAN make the changes you want for your health and fitness.

You can start TODAY!
10th of September 2018 08:46 PM Link
Do you have a big goal that you find yourself being overwhelmed to even attempt, but you can't bring yourself to start because it just seems too far away, just too hard to accomplish?

In this week's video I am talking about those big, scary, larger than life goals that stop you before you even start, and how to actually get them done!
5th of September 2018 01:28 PM Link
When two people have all of the same knowledge, tools, and abilities, but one person succeeds and the other person fails, do you know what the deciding factor between that success and failure often is?

Watch this week's video to find out and see if you agree!
27th of August 2018 04:19 PM Link
I've been very fortunate in my life to have had many mentors who have helped shape me into the man I am today.

In today's video I give THANKS to some of those instrumental people. There are many more, but if I included them all, this would be a really LOOOONG video! Plus, they know who they are :)

With gratitude,

Jeff Tomaszewski
24th of August 2018 05:23 PM Link
There is an opportunity to join our team -----> do you know our next family member? Share this post!
20th of August 2018 02:30 PM Link
Today I am sharing a lesson I learned young in life: sometimes the best thing is to just keep it simple, and stick to the basics!

Are there times that you have wanted to jump ahead in a process, but discovered doing less made just as much of an impact? Let me know a time in your life where sticking to the basics helped you!
8th of August 2018 12:19 PM Link
This week I have a quick little video that will help you FEEL immediate relief if you have any negative feelings you have been holding in. Give it a watch and see if you can work through some feelings that you have been letting fester, and get some much needed relief. Let me know if you try this technique!
2nd of August 2018 05:19 PM Link
Our very own Candice and her hubby crushing it in The Warrior Dash!! Representing MaxStrength well in those shirts!!! 💪
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How To Look and Feel 12 Years Younger In Only Minutes A Week– GUARANTEED!

✓ Discover the #1 secret to anti-aging. Hint: It’s NOT Exercise or Nutrition, although they are vital!

✓ Learn why if you eat according to the USDA you could vey well gain more weight and increase fatigue and joint pain.

✓ We reveal the most important secret to your fitness success and it is the complete opposite of what you have been lead to believe by the so called “experts”.


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