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    I have been in the gym my entire life and found MaxStrength training to be an excellent way …

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  • Fred Koury

    "Ever since I have joined MaxStrength Fitness my life has literally changed. I have spent See More

    Abby Stancik

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    Lou Joseph

    I have been in the gym my entire life and found MaxStrength training to be See More

Our Transformation Process

  • 20 Minutes

    Our workouts are 20 minutes or less. We prescribe the minimum amount of exercise needed to produce the stimulus for change. Time and energy spent beyond this amount of exercise would only impede the recovery process, which is when your body changes. We work smarter not longer!

  • Twice a Week

    When you "inroad" your muscular system, you must allow adequate time for adaptive change to take place. Keep in mind that the time allowed to recover between workouts is when the body changes and adapts. Therefore, if you do not allow enough recovery you will interrupt the process and not receive the optimal results you desire. This allows you to spend less time exercising and more time with those you love and doing the things you truly care about!

  • Transformation ®

    Increased strength
    Decreased body fat percentage
    Increased lean muscle mass
    Sustained fat loss
    More energy
    Improved functional ability
    Cardiovascular fitness
    Increased Flexibility
    Bone loss prevention
    Increased metabolism
    Improved blood sugar tolerance
    Improved Cholesterol/HDL ratio

9th of April 2019 11:00 PM Link
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9th of April 2019 11:00 AM Link
How many times a week do you go to the grocery store?
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8th of April 2019 07:20 PM Link
Congrats to the Willoughby team for being on the cover of the Lake County Women's Journal!
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4th of April 2019 01:25 PM Link
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4th of April 2019 11:01 AM Link
💸💸💸Have you heard the story of the famous speaker, who began his seminar by holding up a crisp $20 bill?

🙋🏻He asked the crowd who wanted the money, and as you can imagine, everyone’s hands went up.

“I promise I’m going to give this bill to one of you, but first let me do this,” he told the crowd, crumpling up the bill. “Now, who still wants it?” 🙋🏿

Again, everyone’s hands went up.

Then he put the twenty on the floor and made a big show of stomping on it. He picked up the bill and showed it to them – now, it was dirty and ragged. 🙋🙋

“Do you still want it?” he asked.

🙋🏿🙋🏻🙋Everyone raised their hands.

🚨🚨“Here’s a very important lesson,” the speaker told the crowd.

💸💰“No matter what I did to this $20 bill, you still wanted it, because I didn’t change what it was worth.

So many times in our lives, things happen that leave us feeling crumpled and in the mud. We are handed a poor circumstance, we make a bad decision, or we suffer a tremendous loss… and sometimes we feel worthless.

👉“But no matter what has happened or what will happen, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR VALUE. Don’t ever forget it!” he said.

😍When you’re feeling down and out, remember your value … and it’s so much more than that $20 bill!! 💜💚
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3rd of April 2019 03:41 PM Link
Is your health at the top of your priorities? If not, I ask you-why not?
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2nd of April 2019 08:22 PM Link
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1st of April 2019 11:01 PM Link
What can't you stop thinking about?
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1st of April 2019 04:19 PM Link
We all have things in our life that we perceive as problems. The good news, is that most problems come with a multitude of solutions that can be sought out and we can learn from people who share their wisdom so that we don't have to continue to struggle. It's important to find something that works for you, and carry on. Don't let your struggles get the best of you, there's always a way!

This week I am sharing a personal struggle that I have had, and a method that I found to overcome it. I'd love to know what you have struggled with and found a solution for, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!
1st of April 2019 11:50 AM Link
🍓So...what did you have for breakfast this morning?!
Post a gif below 🍳⬇️⬇️⬇️
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28th of March 2019 12:08 PM Link
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Each month we mail out a newsletter to all of our active clients. Recently we began to make this availbale for free download on our website so that everyone can share in the news and fit fun we share each month. Head here to get your copy of March's newsletter now! --->
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25th of March 2019 08:30 PM Link
What if I told you there was something you could do that would not only make you better at what you do, but might also create a new and fulfilling relationship in your life? Would this sound appealing?

Watch this week's video and see what I mean. You don't have to do it alone, and you shouldn't!
25th of March 2019 07:13 PM Link
We love to give our clients the best experience we can!

Last week we emailed our clients about a surprise that would be waiting for them at their next workout...a little mysteriously...

Something fun to see how lucky they were feeling!

Well they were pretty lucky--
Look at all these cash winners!

And we sure feel lucky, too, to have the best clients ever!
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18th of March 2019 04:02 PM Link
This week I am sharing a story that I hope will give you some perspective on what can be accomplished in a short amount of time. There are also some other valuable gems in there, too!

Remember, it's not how much you do, it's what you do.
11th of March 2019 02:03 PM Link
For some people this time of the year can be really hard. The winter has been long. Dark. Cold! The lack of sunshine and fresh air can have a negative impact on well-being and even cause seasonal depression. Never underestimate the power of your environment and the effect that it can have on the way you feel.

And environmental factors go far beyond the weather.

In this week's video I want to show you how little things around you may be impacting you and what you can do to create the change you need to bring more joy, motivation, and a feeling of well-being to your day-to-day.
14th of February 2019 08:50 PM Link
Do you have doubts about our program? That is OK! We will do our job to change your mind!
14th of February 2019 01:22 PM Link
Seeing as Valentine’s Day is today, I thought this was the perfect time for this message. Life is happening all around us, and as passionate as I am about health and fitness, sometimes there are more important things to talk about than the latest and greatest 5 foods for a flat stomach or the importance of form and intensity during exercise.

"I love you."

I tell my wife and kids that I love them all throughout the day, every day. My closest friends and my family know they are loved. Not because they are left to assume it, but because I tell them. Life is too short for the things that matter most to go unsaid.

I LOVE YOU, our MaxStrength Fitness Family of clients. It is YOU that bring me so much joy day in and day out. Your stories of success. Your ability to overcome adversity and obstacles and challenges. Your dedication to improving your quality of life through strength training. Your conversations. Your trust in us. These are just a few of the reasons I LOVE YOU!

Cherish the people around you today. Let them know they're important to you. Let them know you love them. Say it today. Say it like you mean it. Say it often. No one gets tired of being reminded that you love them, or hearing that you care. Yes, show it, but also say it. You never know when someone needs to hear those 3 simple words most.

With love and gratitude,
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11th of February 2019 07:13 PM Link
One of the best things that I get to do is sit down and have one-on-one time to get to know each and every client on their first day at MaxStrength Fitness. It is important to me to address every individual concern, question, and offer as much guidance and insight as I can!

Another great benefit, is getting to see common issues that come up again and again as it helps me to understand that so many of us are up against the very same obstacles. This week I am sharing another story just like that one. Watch and see how adjusting a very important priority can have a huge impact on every part of your life, including the ones that depend on you most!

Be strong, eat clean, and live well,

Jeff Tomaszewski

Chief Life Transformer-MaxStrength Fitness
7th of February 2019 04:00 PM Link
I’m very honored to be a presenter at the upcoming Resistance Exercise Conference in March in Minneapolis.

Looking forward to contributing and learning from this great community! Luke Carlson Resistance Exercise Conference
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How To Look and Feel 12 Years Younger In Only Minutes A Week– GUARANTEED!

Discover the #1 secret to anti-aging. Hint: It’s NOT Exercise or Nutrition, although they are vital!

Learn why if you eat according to the USDA you could vey well gain more weight and increase fatigue and joint pain.

We reveal the most important secret to your fitness success and it is the complete opposite of what you have been lead to believe by the so called “experts”.


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