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Your Workforce At Its Strongest

The 3 Biggest Fitness Threats to Your Business:

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a great threat to your business, particularly as your employee’s age. As the leading cause of death and disability in the state of Ohio and the entire United States, your company will lose money this year from cardiovascular disease. Adults with one or multiple risk factors for disease (e.g. high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, smoking, and sedentary habits) are more likely to be high cost employees in terms of healthcare use, absenteeism, disability, and overall productivity. By improving physical fitness, these financial strains are reduced and the overall profitability of your business significantly is improved.

2. Back Pain: Leading Cause of Absenteeism

101.8 million workdays are lost a year due to low back pain. 3.5% of workers are affected by back pain resulting in a loss of an average of 15 minutes per day of production time per person affected, that is over and hour a week. Between absenteeism and lost production time it is estimated that back pain in workers age 40-65 costs employers an estimated $7.4 billion per year.

MaxStrength Fitness’s unique back concept spinal rehab system (BCSRS) eliminates existing back pain and prevents it from ever coming back. Utilizing the BCSRS prevents back pain from ever occurring in healthy subjects. Only MaxStrength Fitness has the equipment safe enough to perform high intensity strength training for the delicate muscles along the spine. Studies have shown that high intensity training is the only way to significantly increase bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis. , Without MaxStrength Fitness, vertebral bone loss and the resulting back pain is almost assured as you and your employees age.

3. Worker Moral and Fatigue

Our muscles are the most metabolically active tissues in our body and have the greatest overall effect on our metabolism. Resistance training is the only way to activate and improve our metabolism. , Without resistance training a person’s metabolism is less than optimal and fatigue occurs more frequently as a result. By energizing your workforce through resistance training, your company’s productivity will increase.

Why MaxStrength Fitness?
MaxStrength Fitness is the most direct approach to exercise there is. With employees participating in as little as one twenty-minute training session per week you will increase profits through:

• Reduce absenteeism
• Elimination of back pain and other debilitating joint pain.
• An energized workforce
• Fewer health insurance claims
• Increased productivity
• Improve worker moral
• Employee retention and recruitment

The success of a corporate fitness program relies on employee participation. Many companies build fitness centers or purchase health club memberships, but their employees fail to participate over the long term. The most successful corporate wellness programs only see moderate participation in the short term that tapers into low participation by the end of the first year of the program. Why? The yield in terms of time investment and the success wanes. Over the course of a year, exercise does not seem worth the time. With worksites being where most adults spend more than half their waking hours, very few employees are willing to voluntarily give up even more of their time doing something that takes them away from their families. Exercise must be time efficient and continually effective to garner continued participation and the reduced absenteeism, improved health and worker moral, reduced health insurance claims, and increase in job performance vital to the success and profitability of your business.

MaxStrength Fitness offers the highest yielding investment in human capitol. With as little as 20 minutes of exercise per week, your employees will be in the best physical condition of their lives. MaxStrength Fitness is not an exercise gimmick or the latest fitness trend, but the application of exercise principles used by medical doctors, physical therapists, and top athletes over the past forty years. Our appointment module and the fully supervised instruction intensive program will ensure continued attendance and maximum results every training session for years to come.

MaxStrength Fitness Corporate Seminars

“How Boost Your Energy and Productivity So You Blow Away The Competition”

In Our Seminars Learn a Simple, Proven, Lasting Approach to living in a Healthy, Energized, and Fit Body!

At MaxStrength Fitness we take a preventative approach to health and fitness. Rather than wait until symptoms begin, we address health and fitness proactively.

MaxStrength Fitness can bring our knowledge and expertise to your workplace! We can customize a health and wellness presentation and workshop to meet the needs of your company or group. We provide seminars tailored to your employee population’s interests, concerns, and time constraints.

Our seminars range anywhere from a 30-60 minute “lunch and learn” up to as much as a half-day seminar that have proven to help your workforce cut through the misinformation about health, food, and fitness that keep so many people from living healthier, more energetic lives. We bring an information-packed, well-received program to YOU. The result is a re-energized employee population that knows you care about their health.

Program elements can include:
• Eating supportively for optimum health
• The truth about diets and why they don’t work
• Strength training for a longer life
• How to structure energizing snacks to get you through hectic days
• The #1 secret to anti-aging
• How to incorporate fitness into a busy lifestyle
• Plus many more options

We’re eager to hear about your needs and how we can help your employees become healthier and more productive. To inquire about our programs, submit the online form or call us 440-835-9090 to discuss your specific needs. A healthier workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. We can customize your program with:

• Pre-seminar surveying to tailor program to your employees
• Flexible program length
• Takeaway materials and sources
• Individual counseling (by pre-arrangement)
• Follow-up seminars and checkup

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