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“Over the past year and a half, I have watched my body transform into a leaner, stronger, sexier version of itself, and I can hardly believe how little effort it’s taken. The last time I went shopping for pants, I almost cried in the dressing room when I realized I had dropped from a size 10 to a size 6! Lugging gallons of distilled water from the shopping cart to my vehicle used to leave me winded; now I move a dozen gallon jugs with ease! And best of all, my husband comments about my figure and makes me feel like the most desirable woman on the planet. Having told several people about our workout routine, twenty minutes, twice a week, and having them literally laugh out loud at the preposterous idea that such a small investment of time could have such a huge payoff, I just shrug it off and hope that each time they see me, and they see me getting more and more fit, that they will eventually take me seriously and try it for themselves! The combination of a personal trainer, state-of-the-art machines, and an appointment time that’s consistent week after week, has made my workout effortless, effective and habitual. It’s a winning formula, and the best investment I’ve ever made.”Jaime N. Priess | Oberlin Animal Hospital – Wakeman, Ohio

“Prior to coming to MaxStrength Fitness I was in the basement at my house at 6am 6 days a week doing the treadmill and lifting weights on my own for 4 years for an hour each day. In just a year and a half at MaxStrength, I have seen more gains than the previous 4 years. Most significantly, my low back pain has improved steadily so that now I am rarely bothered by it. It is hard to believe the results occur working out for just 20 minutes, 2 times a week. The workouts are tough, but they are over almost before I know it.”Joseph Priess | Affordable Pet Care – Wakeman, Ohio

“My entire career is based in health and wellness. At MaxStrength Fitness I know I’m getting the most efficient and effective workout possible. I have avoided overcrowded gyms for years. At MaxStrength it is quiet, one on one training where I can turn off the distractions of the world and focus on my health. I have a Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies and am trained in Emergency Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. The science behind the concept is solid.”Alana Mercer | Vitality Health – Westlake, Ohio

“MaxStrength Fitness is an integral part of my wellness program. I am grateful to have been introduced to Jeff and his uncommon (though scientifically well-documented and safe) approach to fitness as my former routine using free weights wasn’t working. My initial goals were, 1) to maintain strong bones and improve my posture, 2) increase muscle mass, and 3) improve my joints and become pain free. I was nervous and a little scared on my first visit. Halfway through the leg press, I was ready to give up. Jeff encouraged me and here I am 5+ years later and loving it. I have achieved my original goals and so much more! I believe the results from MaxStrength Finess far exceed the investment in time and money.”Leslie Worsech | Worsech Real Estate – Lakewood, Ohio

“Recently friends referred me to MaxStrength Fitness for an initial consultation and complimentary initial workouts. The initial consultation included a thorough medical history and understanding of my past exercise experiences. The staff is very knowledgeable and was able to custom design a safe, intense 20 minute program based on my present fitness objectives. Having Stan as my trainer pushing me beyond what I would do on my own in the gym is invaluable. I can already feel the difference from a 2X a week 20 minute workout compared to my 3X a week work out in the gym.”Scott W. Arndt DDS | Westlake, Ohio

“In my 2nd decade of regular workouts, I find this protocol keeps me smiling AND fit enough to support my aging bones as I continue to enjoy my “retirement career” as Yoga Instructor. I remain eternally grateful for the precision, care and dedication of my Trainer, Brian, and the entire staff at Max Fitness. Thank you – please keep me around for a couple more decades!”

Mary Baird | Cleveland, Ohio

“Six years ago, I started training with Max Strength Fitness in preparation for double knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, I worked with my trainer slowly building back my strength. There is no doubt that the training I received before and after the surgery helped speed up the recovery. Today, my wife and I both go to Max Strength Fitness; we are both much stronger and the common aches and pains that come with getting older seem to be less noticeable. When you walk through the front door, the atmosphere is good-natured and friendly, but when you walk through the double doors to the training area it is all about business- the business of you and your training. Your effort is greatly focused with the help of your trainer, pushing both body and mind to the point of failure. When the workout is over, you know that you have pushed yourself to the limit and you walk out feeling a sense of true accomplishment.”

Jeff Zellers | Vice President, Brewer-Garret – Westlake, Ohio

“I have been lifting with Max Strength for 4 years now. I have lowered my fat percentage, increased my muscle mass, and changed my entire physique. What’s amazing is how I was able to do that so efficiently by working out twice a week. These guys are truly doing something better and more efficiently than all of the gyms and all of their competitors with a unique style of fitness. It’s perfect for my on the go lifestyle. This is the single best investment in my health I’ve ever made and I am a lifelong member of Max Strength Fitness.”

Dr. John Parente | Westlake, Ohio

“Confidence is the major benefit Max Strength training has given me as a woman in her early 60s. I am once again as strong and flexible as I was when I was much younger. One of my friends fell on the ice and I was able to lift her to her feet easily. I move furniture when cleaning or rearranging with little or no assistance, and I shovel snow easily as needed. I view training at Max Strength as an investment in my health and wellness, and therefore my independence. It’s a better investment for me to pay for strength training than to pay more money for healthcare in addition to the cost of health insurance. It’s been two years, and I’ve lost over 18 inches, a size or two, and about 10 pounds now. But the best reward is the knowledge that I can rely on myself to continue to be independent without joint pain because I am strong thanks to Max Strength.”

Marilyn Malone | Co-Founder of Sure Swatch ™ the Color Decider™ – Sheffield Lake, Ohio

“In a world that is so fast paced, anonymous and where multi-tasking is becoming a way of life, it’s incredibly refreshing to be in an environment where people actually know your name and where it’s OK, if not essential, to slow down and focus on just one thing with no distractions. I am not the cookie cutter gym type or the type to jump on the latest workout trends and programs. MaxStrength Fitness turned out to be the perfect fit. No over-the-top hype. No fads. No spending time counting this or logging that. No judgment. For me, it comes down to the one-on-one training that helps me get the maximum benefit out of every one of those 20 minutes and the nutrition knowledge that helps me make smart diet choices. My primary goal was, and still is to take charge of my health, and prevent and control conditions that are controllable through a smart diet and exercise. MaxStrength Fitness enabled me to achieve that goal through sound nutrition guidance and regular training. My overall quality of life has improved immensely as a result of training with MaxStrength Fitness. I have more energy. My quality of sleep is significantly better. I have a more positive outlook on just about everything. The MaxStrength Fitness support network always seems to be there. Good habits are never out of sight or out of mind with the personal training instruction and education, the social media page postings and the newsletters – all of which provide useful and encouraging information about nutrition and fitness.”

Jenny Bartell | Westlake, Ohio

“Working out with the MaxStrength staff and their fitness methods 2x a week for 20 minutes each has been the only regimen that has freed my lower back from pain, allowing me to to do all the things most people take for granted daily.”

Bill Beckwith | Avon, Ohio

“Best workout I’ve had Everyone is always friendly. Plus it’s not the typical ‘gym’ experience. I hated going to the gym which I guess is why I never went. I’m almost 50 and because of MaxStrength I’m stronger now than when I was 20 years ago. Plus I’m in and out within a half hour. Working out doesn’t take up hours of my day.”

Kim Langhenry | Westlake, Ohio

“Ever since I have joined MaxStrength Fitness my life has literally changed. I have spent a lot time going back and forth to physical therapists, chiropractors, and other doctors because of my aches and pains. I was actually not working out because of it. I have been working out for three years and have never had an issue since.”

Fred Koury | CEO, Smart Business Network – Westlake, Ohio

“I have been in the gym my entire life and found MaxStrength training to be an excellent way to maximize effort in the least amount of time with positive results. The MaxStrength team are very knowledgeable, committed and great to work with.”Lou Joseph | CEO, Brewer Garrett – Westlake, Ohio

“As a busy professional woman, time is a valuable commodity to me. I have had many personal training programs in the past, but none as effective and efficient as the workout at MaxStrength Fitness. Within a short 20 minutes, I can work all of my muscle groups and yet know that I have had the best workout available. Not only is the MaxStrength Fitness staff incredibly knowledgeable in personal training, they also advise me on nutrition and diet. I am grateful that I have found a fast, effective, and rewarding program at MaxStrength Fitness.”

Abby Stancik | Senior Vice President–Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC – Avon, Ohio

“I have been a client of MaxStrength Fitness for over four years. I have been able to adopt MAXSTRENGTH FITNESS as a personal fitness habit because I receive great physical and mental benefit for such a limited period of time. The staff is the most knowledgeable fitness professionals that I have ever experienced and their enthusiasm is contagious.”

Tim Opsitnick | Founder and General Counsel, Jurinnov, Ltd. – Avon, Ohio

“Meets two key criteria: effective and convenient.”
Elaine Kosco
Westlake, Ohio

“My husband and I decided to try MaxStrength Fitness because we both work full time jobs and own a small business. Our time is very limited and we wanted to invest in our health and natural wellness. MaxStrength worked with us and scheduled our workouts around our schedules and supports us in our success.”

Barb Berg
Fairview Park, Ohio

“In 2006 I was rushed to the hospital with an abnormal heart rhythm. I was lucky that day. My heart went back into rhythm without any surgery or medication, but it was a real wake up call. I knew I had to do something. I just didn’t know what. The next summer I saw an ad for MaxStrength Fitness, I went in for a consultation and I signed up on the spot. Within a year all of my heart levels were back to normal and literally, MaxStrength Fitness healed my heart. MaxStrength Fitness is amazing!!”

Jeff Warnkin
Avon, Ohio

“Sunday I achieved a lifelong dream thanks to MaxStrength Fitness and Dominic’s great training! I have run five other marathons in my life; the first one twenty years ago. The last five have been in the past 10 years. Each time I’d had a goal of finishing in a time of four hours and 30 minutes. I had never gotten closer than 3 minutes slower than that goal. Meanwhile, my body was aging….making it more difficult to run fast.

In January, I decided to try one more time to run a marathon. I had two objectives in mind: 1. To not get injured in my training. In recent years, running has taken a toll on my body and something always seemed to get hurt when I increased my mileage. 2: I had a dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. For a runner, it is a mark of success….of being a really good runner. One can run a race on any given day and ‘win’ it in your age category….but it may not mean much because not many fast runners entered that day. But Boston…. Boston has international standards that one has to meet to be accepted in the race. Now that I am getting older, my qualifying time (they are based on age and gender) seemed, perhaps, reachable to me, if I could stay injury free and somehow get faster. This is where MaxStrength Fitness came in.

I had been coming to MaxStrength Fitness, off and on, for perhaps about a year. Now I decided to be consistent, twice a week whenever I was in town. Dominic’s expert coaching helped me tap into muscles I had forgotten I had. He strengthened my arms, legs, back, and core. He taught me how to let my breathing carry me through the discomfort of pushing my muscles to the max. He taught me to ‘trust my body’ to do what was difficult to do.

This past Sunday, I ran the Columbus Marathon in a time of 4:27!! Not only was I less than the needed Boston qualifying time by more than 12 minutes, but I ran faster than I did in my forties. I ran injury free. I ran with determination on my face the first half and joy on my face the second as my dream was becoming a reality.

This could NOT have been achieved without Dominic and MaxStrength Fitness. I am so very grateful! Thank you!! “

Melissa Pillari
Bay Village, Ohio

“I LOVE the challenging workout, the staff is AMAZING, and it is time efficient with AWESOME results!”

Julianne Filion
Sandusky, Ohio

“Great Newsletter. Everyone needs motivation throughout their journey. Finding inspiring people to help you is not easy. Reading the newsletter drives me to stay on course for another day!”

Maureen Leimkuehler
Westlake, Ohio

“Our overall fitness and strength have improved significantly. -Results are achieved efficiently with minimal time dedicated to the program. -The staff is sincerely interested in us and dedicated to improving our fitness. They listen and adjust the routine as needed. “
Bob and Sue Price
Westlake, Ohio

“Highly professional and well trained staff. I enjoy being able to get an intense workout in a short amount of time. Having a scheduled time when someone is there waiting for you eliminates just about any excuse for not getting up and going to work out.”
Ted Pacheco
Avon, Ohio

“I like the staff and the MSF protocol. I feel that I’ve improved my strength.”
Lisa Leemans
Sheffield Village, Ohio

“It is quick, effective, and convenient.”
David Hessler
Westlake, Ohio

“You help me reach my goals. Just because I’m over sixty does not me I can’t enjoy life as I had in the past.”
Bob Berg
Fairview Park, Ohio

“I am a believer in Jeff T. Very professional group of trainers who truly believe in their approach.”
Mike De Stefano
Highland Heights, Ohio

“I believe in the work out. I really like the people and it makes me feel better about myself. I think that Jeff has leadership qualities that matriculate through the entire organization and the MaxStrength team really cares about your total wellbeing.”
Christine Lobas
Studio Think
Cleveland, Ohio

“I like the nature and length of the workout and the fact that I have continuity with my trainer, Brian.”

George Elliot
Avon Lake, Ohio

“I am very busy but also very interested in my health. MF provides a platform that allows me to make both a priority.”
Jerry Schill
Schill Grounds Management
Amherst, Ohio

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